Monday 27 April 2015

Urban Camp 2015

The Camp is conducted by the Brotherhood to provide secondary students with the opportunity to learn about and understand the issues facing disadvantaged Australians.

Students participate in four days of experiential learning, discovering the reasons for social inequality and injustice in Melbourne, and the ways they can make a difference.

The Camp combines observation, discussion and practical activities to help students delve into the issues of inequality in the community. They will engage with Brotherhood client’s young and old, assist with programs such as the Breakfast Club and assisting with literacy classes at a local primary school.

The Urban Camp is beneficial to students at Ivanhoe Grammar School by introducing them to a different environment and living conditions that other people experience within our city. It also teaches them to express compassion, leadership and develop communication skills with people from a variety of age groups.

Students have the opportunity to connect and learn from some of the disadvantaged in the community, giving them a greater appreciation of their own lives and the benefits of helping others.