Friday 28 July 2017

Unprecedented Go-Karting Accolades

It is with great pleasure we share the the amazing and unprecedented Go-Karting success of Year 5 Plenty student, James Wharton.

Over the past three weeks, James has been working hard to reach a previously unheard of milestone on the Go-Karting scene.

First, he casually won the Victorian State Title to add to his collection.

And as of last weekend, he is now the Australian Number 1 for his Age Group. The Andy Murray of Karting, so to speak. More incredible is that the Australian ranking is decided on a points system and he is so far ahead in points that he has taken out the Number 1 place with a round still left in the competition. This is previously unheard of.

For the next fortnight, James is is working hard to take out a third title at the Rotax Pro tour, another points ranking system that earns the top performers an invitation to compete in the World Championship in Portugal and then Las Vegas. Again, without even finishing the competition, he has earned enough points to gain an invitation to the Worlds. Another first in Go-Karting.

At the end of September, James will race in the Mini Rock World Championships in Italy, a competition of the world’s best Go-Karters. Last year he placed 15th out of 88 (a remarkable place!) but he has his eye on going even further this year.

Congratulations James! You’ve worked so hard and been so dedicated, you deserve all the success it brings.