Thursday 28 October 2021

University Campus

University Campus, now in its third year of operation is going from strength to strength with students benefiting from the hybrid secondary school-university experience. Students get a taste of university learning through access to La Trobe’s facilities, staff and students. Officially opened in February of 2019 by the Chancellor John Brumby AO (a former Ivanhoe Grammar School primary student and Victorian Premier) University Campus provides students with the opportunity to grow and develop through authentic learning experiences. The Year 9 program at University Campus encourages students to learn by experience, become independent learners, interact with adults other than their teachers, increase their cultural understanding and become contributing citizens of their community.

As we near the end of the Academic year it is time to pause and reflect on the year, all of the invaluable experiences, the growth and learnings gained.

‘The year 2021 will be a year that will be remembered again for its challenges. Parents, teachers, staff and students have shown such resilience in managing the difficulties and confusion which COVID-19 brought about. Despite this we have together tackled each challenge with positivity and determination to see a way through,’ said Head of University Campus, Stella Batsanis.

Heads of Wellbeing Stuart Adderley and Jess Roberts have been encouraged by the courage and resilience of students, staff and families where the University Campus community spirit has helped everyone to feel connected and nurtured.

‘Many of our University Campus family chose to demonstrate compassion by supporting friends, family and, although you may not realise, even your teachers. The importance of community has never been more evident to us than throughout this period of lockdown. While you have literally been socially distanced through online learning, it has been incredible to hear of the cohort working collaboratively and supporting each other, not just in the classroom, but also beyond.  As students return to their home campus, we hope they can look back on their University Campus experience as an important component of the Ivanhoe journey. Reading some student reflections lately, it brings us great joy to see that amongst the challenges, many students have still been able to have a positive experience. We have certainly enjoyed being a part of their journey and look forward to seeing our students continue to grow and develop as young people of character as they transition into senior years,’ said Heads of Wellbeing Jess Roberts and Stuart Adderley.

Reflecting on my time at University Campus, Labonya 

Being at University Campus for one year was a greatly enjoyable experience and a fantastic learning experience as well. I love going out of my comfort zone to explore new things and University Campus was the perfect place. I learnt so many things and developed new good habits on the way. Throughout this year I experienced how it feels to be in a lecture theatre and use the facilities at La Trobe University. And I must say, It was really fun eating at the Agora (the kebabs were really good). My favourite fieldwork was the ecology assignment where we had to go to the Wildlife Sanctuary, especially the time when my group got lost in the Wildlife Sanctuary (that was fun :). Although I couldn’t do all my out of class programs due to COVID-19  I was able to do one of them which was the big group hug and I totally loved it because I made new friends. These kinds of activities really helped me to step out of the box and not only did I explore what was around me about myself as well. I believe that this experience was a wonderful experience and can’t wait to do more.

Reflecting on my time at University Campus, Lachlan 

This year at University Campus has been one of the great years in my schooling experience not only because of my academic abilities and routines that I’ve become accustomed to during the year but also how not only other people have noticed that I’ve changed as a person but how I’ve noticed that I’ve changed as a person for the better which will help me so much in the later years of my education and even life. At University Campus I’ve been given so many opportunities to be the best version of myself like debating or even asking questions in class and participating in in-class activities and I have no regrets. I’m sure when I look back on my education at Ivanhoe Grammar School I will remember this year a change in my everyday habits for the better, filled with memories good and bad but I’ve learned to try my best which is the most important part. I’m so grateful I got to experience University Campus even if 1/3 of it was online, but if anything I learned more about myself at home, than I did at school because of all the ways I had to adapt that the time we’re in.