Tuesday 03 May 2016

United Nations Day

As part of the Year 10 Humanities program, students at The Ridgeway Campus participated in an all-day program run by UN Youth Victoria. The program took the form of a mock session of the United Nations Security Council, placing students in the shoes of Security Council representatives. It was a lively day filled with constructive debate with students openly discussing and negotiating on world issues.

Students worked in pairs or small groups, each representing a different member country of the UN Security Council, to discuss current human rights issues with the situations in Syria and North Korea used as case studies. The session was run by facilitators from UN Youth Victoria who assisted students in debating, amending and voting on a resolution aimed to address the human rights issues discussed. Students needed to look at the issues from the perspective of the country they were representing, giving them a deeper understanding of the complexity of international diplomacy and the range of views that must be taken into consideration when discussing international issues.

This experience allowed students to gain a greater understanding of diplomacy, negotiation and teamwork as well as educating them on a range of international issues and providing them with training in the skills they need for active citizenship. The session supported the Year 10 Humanities subject Australian and Global Perspectives which combines Year 10 History and Unit 2 of VCE Global Politics.