Thursday 27 July 2023

UK and Singapore Cricket Tour

On Friday 9 June a very excited party of 19 made up of 16 young cricketers and three staff jumped on a Singapore Airlines Flight to embark on a 24-day cricket tour of Singapore and the UK. This trip was described by many as a ‘tour of a lifetime’.

The trip started with four days in Singapore with a game played across the border in Malaysia, then it was off to the UK. Starting in Edinburgh, students played 11 games over the next 20 days as they travelled from the very north of Scotland down to London. Interspersed with these games was time spent seeing the country which everyone enjoyed immensely.

Of the games played, the boys were able to win nine games, losing only two, however, the tour was never about the win, loss ratio. The most important elements of the tour were the manner in which the cricket was played and how this then contributed to the development of the boy’s skills.

Gaining cultural knowledge of the places visited was also another priority of the trip. On all fronts, the tour was an outstanding success. Aided by the wonderful weather, the boys had plenty of opportunity to develop their game, consistently playing competitive cricket while staying in beautiful places like Edinburgh, Lossiemouth, Harrowgate, Durham, Manchester and of course London. The tour finished on a high by attending the third day of Australia’s ashes victory at Lords.

A huge thank you to Mr Lochran for the time and effort that he put into organising the 2023 tour. Both his preparation and organisation were first-class, ensuring that every eventuality was covered. A further big congratulations to the boys who were part of this touring party. The way in which they conducted themselves on tour, the effort that they put into their cricket and particularly the care that they displayed for each other enabled all to have an experience that will live long in everyone’s memories.

Mr Gill