Monday 11 February 2019

Top Designs 2018

Year 12 student, Astrid John has been selected for the 2019 VCE Season of Excellence – Top Designs. She was very excited when she was made aware of her selection, “I was so excited and grateful. It’s really rewarding to have your work acknowledged after working so hard throughout the year. I had this goal in the back of my mind but never thought I would actually reach it so I was very happy.”

Astrid, who completed Visual Communication and design as a Unit 3 & 4 subject in Year 11, will have her work displayed at the Melbourne Museum from Saturday 30 March to Sunday 14 July 2019. When creating her art Astrid said she was inspired by eco-friendly living, “I wanted to create a public space that was sustainable and encouraged eco-friendly living. Supermarkets and food industries are creating an enormous amount of waste at the moment so I was inspired by this, together with the vibrant community of Preston market. I wanted to improve its environmental impact and make an example of how communal spaces in our city can be following the lead.”

Graduate Kerry Kang was also pre-selected which is significant and his name will feature in the catalogue.

Astrid is one of 85 students from Victoria who have been chosen to have their art exhibited in 2019. This is an incredible accolade and we congratulate Astrid.