Friday 12 February 2016

Top Acts

The VCE Season of Excellence is a five-month arts festival showcasing outstanding senior secondary student work from Victorian schools. The Season, managed by the VCAA, presents work created by art, technology, design, multimedia, film, dance, drama, theatre studies and music.

Top Acts is the final event in the VCE Season of Excellence and presents a concert of the most exceptional works selected from over 150 performers across the state.

This year, two Theatre Studies students from the Class of 2015 have been selected for this prestigious event to be held at Melbourne Recital Centre on Monday 21 March – Tuesday 22 March at the Playhouse, Arts Centre Melbourne.

Raushaan Seychell and Natasha Findlay were both selected from a shortlist of candidates to present their work.

Raushaan’s piece is a Shakespearean monologue from Julius Caesar which he re-contextualised to Fascist Italy when it was under the brutal rule of Benito Mussolini.

Natasha chose a naturalist piece from Salt Creek Murders by Melissa Reeves which captured the frustrations of a young woman in the Victorian era, trapped in a loveless marriage.

This is an amazing outcome and the School is very proud of the student’s efforts and talent. Ivanhoe Grammar School has a thriving performance arts program click here to read more

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