Thursday 13 October 2022

The Pizzey Family Athletics Captains Cup Inaugural Award 2022

John Pizzey, Class of 1963, and Life Governor of the School generously donated the Athletics Championship Cup awarded to his father in 1925. It is now named the Pizzey Family Athletic Captains Cup and was presented to our 2022 Athletics Captains at the recent Final Year 12 Awards Assembly.

The Pizzey name is synonymous with Ivanhoe Grammar School, with countless sporting and academic achievements reflected in numerous entries on honour boards in Buckley Hall and elsewhere around the School.

The Cup has been engraved with the names of other members of the Pizzey clan, including George from the Class of 1925, Bill from the Class of 1930, John Marshall from the Class of 1937, Allan from the Class of 1957, G John from the Class of 1963 and John Martin from the Class of 1990.  All were great athletes in their time.

With the support of the Old Ivanhoe Grammarians Association, every year both captains will be presented with an award to mark their leadership of the team and have their names engraved on the cup.  The Athletics Captains’ Cup will be prominently displayed in the Bill Lyon Gallery at our Sports and Aquatic Centre.