Thursday 16 June 2022

Performing Arts at Ivanhoe Grammar School

The Performing Arts is alive and well at Ivanhoe Grammar school with a busy schedule of theatre productions, school musicals and music ensembles in 2022. The flourishing Performing Arts Department is geared toward performance and discovery at every stage of learning with a dynamic and inclusive environment that fosters creativity and belonging.

We recently went behind the scenes of student-led theatre production, Raise the Curtain, a cabaret evening of musical theatre. Offering students diverse opportunities in the performing arts, this cabaret ran over four nights in the Schuster Drama Studio.

Musically diverse, students performed some old favourites, together with current hits from the repertoire of modern-Musicals; all interpreted and presented with terrific imagination and enthusiasm in a cabaret setting.

This student-led initiative was created by year 12 students Lucy and Christian. Lucy relished the opportunity to lead the production explaining,

‘This wouldn’t really be a normal thing for a student to lead but I know that Ivanhoe Grammar School can be supportive in making sure that student voices are heard and that we can project our ideas,’ she said.

“It’s a very special night filled with many musical theatre reviews, different songs, classical ones, deep songs and comedic songs that everyone loves to see,” said Christian.

Year 12 Captain and performer Ruby has been involved in several productions over the course of her time at Ivanhoe. She has experienced many of the benefits of the performing arts and shared her thoughts on how it feels to be a part of the performing arts at Ivanhoe and her involvement in Raise the Curtain.

‘It’s one of the warmest environments on campus, one of the most inclusive, loving environments here so I immediately felt comfortable and then getting on stage in front of people was obviously scary, but it has given me more certainty in myself,’ she said.

Director of Performance Shaun Murphy is dedicated to building community and to his students having the best experience they can through the performing arts.

‘Performing looks simplistic when it is done well; that’s the point of the thing. The moment of connection ‘the key’. Our kids have a voice in choosing to perform what they are passionate about. The ideas grow into ownership. A portal opens for the possibilities of communicating their experience of the world at this time. And in that exchange, there is growth in maturity, empathy and generosity. All the good stuff,’ he said.

We look forward to the many concerts and performances planned for the rest of the year, such as More than Words, Piano and Instrumental Competition and two upcoming primary musicals to name a few.

Buckley House – Chitty Chitty Bang Bang JR.

Plenty Campus – The Lion King JR.  – Save the Date