Thursday 28 January 2021

The Ivanhoe Learner Attributes Mural

The attributes of an Ivanhoe Learner are our shared school values combined with the essential characteristics of global citizenship. As part of the ongoing integration of these attributes into every part of the learning experience at Ivanhoe, the Ivanhoe Learner Mural Project was born.

The project first began in 2018 with the objective of visually exploring and showcasing the attributes that make up a Young Person of Character – Courageous, Innovative, Balanced, Collaborative, Ethical, Reflective and Compassionate. The artist behind this incredible rainbow mural is Alumna Olivia Loh from the Class of 2017. Olivia is not only a very talented artist, but she is also a budding architect who just graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Design majoring in Architecture and Landscape Architecture. Back in 2018 Head of Art, Jacinta Patterson reached out to Olivia.

“I supervised Olivia for her IB CAS project. She is an exceptionally talented artist with a high level of technical skill in illustration and painting. Olivia’s artworks are based upon hours of exploration and development of ideas that are founded in strong research. Her collaborative nature has always inspired fellow students and staff to work with her on Ivanhoe Grammar School’s large mural projects. Olivia’s artworks are filled with engaging imagery that encourage the viewer to think and reflect. When the Mural project was initiated, I instantly thought of Olivia. Olivia encourages and collaborates with others and confidently deals with challenges if presented (important attributes when working on large murals). Olivia’s attention to detail and illustration style was always going to make for a series of stunning large-scale murals. Just so proud of this young person,” said Jacinta Patterson, Head of Learning Area – The Arts.

In conjunction with the Global Citizenship Centre Olivia developed the concept, incorporated the UN Goals and came up with the distinctive rainbow colours you can see in the mural. To include current students’ artwork she ran workshops where students were brought into the design process. The mural was then replicated for Plenty Campus and The Ridgeway Campus with special student-designed motifs in each of the campus-specific murals giving them their own distinctive look. The mural is planned to also be installed at University Campus and Buckley House.

Olivia thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to work on such a large-scale project. “I think this kind of project is such an amazing opportunity and for me, with it being the first time I’ve done anything like this, having the school’s support and understanding throughout the whole process has been so crucial.” She has fond memories of her time at school with the best things being, “the community, both my classmates/friends and teachers. I felt supported throughout the three years I was there and am still being supported through things such as this project.”

We wish Olivia all the best this year as she embarks on her Masters in Architecture at the University of Melbourne. She shared with us some words of encouragement for students in the senior years. “It’s something I still try to tell myself: To enjoy myself and know that it’s important to take time for yourself outside the workload of school and other activities. And regardless of what craziness comes this year, take it in your stride and things will work out.”