Thursday 09 December 2021

The Inaugural Greg Smith Prize for Notables

The Day of Notables was recently celebrated with some wonderful displays at both The Ridgeway Campus and Plenty Campus. After reviewing all of the displays and the interesting English and Humanities assessment tasks, the winner of the inaugural Greg Smith Prize for Notables for 2021 were awarded to Year 8 students Samantha and Saanvi. Samantha researched Professor Fiona Wood, who is a challenging notable to learn about, and in the words of one of her teachers, “She has an excellent work ethic and goes above and beyond – a very independent worker”. Samantha’s Humanities project was a scrapbook focusing on Fiona Wood’s life, and this has been printed to be used as an exemplar, to help students with that task in future years.

Saanvi researched the English novelist Mary Shelley and her contribution to gothic literature and science fiction. Through her research, she also looked at how Mary Shelley embodied the Ivanhoe Learner Attributes of Courage and Innovation. Saanvi and Samantha will be officially given their awards at a Middle Years Assembly in the new year.

The Notables’ event, due to restrictions, was held during the day again this year, so we have been calling it ‘Day of Notables’. Regardless of the timing, students still report that they greatly enjoy the whole experience. They get so much out of learning about their notable person through the research process and then showcasing their learning through special assessment tasks and the big final display event.