Tuesday 19 October 2021

The 2021 Plenty Campus Visual Arts Exhibition

This week we celebrate the creative talents and acknowledge the efforts of our Art and Design students with the annual Plenty Visual Arts Exhibition.  Works on display are from the subject disciplines of Art, Studio Arts, Product Design and Technology, Media and Visual Communication Design. You can view the exhibition online and the display of student work will continue for so some time and will be available for students and staff to view when we are all on campus.

It is with great pleasure that I can announce our major award winners.

Randal Marsh Art and Design Award 1st Place– Zac McCormack Year 12 VCD, Environmental Design of Sport Rehabilitation Facility, 2d and 3d presentation.

Randal Marsh Art and Design Award Runner Up– Matilda Williams Year 12 Studio Arts- a 12 page, book exploring the macabre under nature of fairy tales.

Acquisition Award– Alfred Salomonsson Year 12 Studio Arts- A charcoal and graphite artwork using imagery inspired by Greek mythology to explore dreams

Old Ivanhoe Grammarians’ Association Encouragement Award– Claudia Figgins

Excellence and Encouragement Awards;

Year 7 Art

Xavier Chy

Kate Hopper

Shona Oghanna

Tasharny De Cata

Year 8 Art

Myron Shi

Rakhi Patel

Ashley Daley

Mia Stahl

Year 10 Art

Brigitte Cristiano

Yr 10 Media

Emma Last

Year 8 Product Design and Technology

Miria Teh

Aritra Guha

Lucas Hill

Jordana Kiriakidis

Jasmin Muir

Charlie Taylor

Year 10 Product Design and Technology

Claire Williams

Year 8 Visual Communication Design

Lucas Hill

Rakhi Patel

Thomas Furlong

Jasmin Muir

Year 10 Visual Communication Design

Ella Stahl