Thursday 13 October 2016


TechXpo ran over three days for primary students in the Innovation Centre. The Buckley House Digital Leaders focused on inspiring the imaginations of students through hands-on experiences with a range of robotics. This is part of the Digital Leaders Program which develops and inspires students to think beyond their own capabilities and create manageable solutions to everyday problems with a particular focus on the use of technology and teamwork.

The Digital Leaders planned and organised the event, highlighting the many ways robotics can be played with and programmed for particular purposes. Visitors to TechXpo were given the opportunity to control Sphero through a series of challenges including mazes and dance competitions.

Students also programmed Sphero which demonstrated the ease of coding using visual programming languages. Drones were on show and students demonstrated their development as drone pilots. All of the activities were appropriate for students from Pred to Year 6 and had an obvious focus of fun! All activities and challenges were designed by the Buckley House Digital Leaders and showcased their technology knowledge as well as organisation skills.

The Digital Leaders did an amazing job inspiring their peers through presentations and hands-on activities. Over three lunchtimes, students made Sphero navigate through courses, dodge blocks, play tiggy and take part in the greatest robotic disco ever seen! The drones flew over-head while giggling students directed little Ozobots around their created courses.