Friday 02 November 2018


This student-run exhibition, aimed at primary students, incorporated technology-rich activities and hands-on experiences for different year levels to attend, ranging from robotics, VR, AR, coding and interactive displays. The Digital Leaders Program which is made up of Years 4, 5 and 6 students inspires children to think outside the box with a focus on technology and teamwork.

The Digital Leaders had a great time teaching the younger students and showing off the scope of different forms of technology. Digital Leader and Year 5 student Jeremy had this to say about the experience, “This year’s Techxpo was a great experience because we got to show everyone cool technology that you don’t use every day. The Preps and Year1s came running in when it started because they were so excited. I was in charge of Virtual Reality and everyone was amazed once they put the goggles on.”

Digital Leader Tom also had a great time at TechXpo and discovered a few realities about what it is really like to be a teacher! “I was in charge of the BeeBots and I loved when the kids got to the goal in the end. The biggest hurdle I had to leap over was probably teaching the kids how to program the BeeBots and how to clear their code. Most kids made a mistake (which I don’t blame them from doing, after all, they’re just little kids) of when the BeeBot stopped, they pressed the forward button and hit go again; but I explained to them that you have to start from the start, edit your code, then hit go. Also, Foundation to Year 1s are hard to teach!”