Thursday 12 April 2018

TeachTechPlay Conference

Run voluntarily by teachers for teachers, the 2018 TeachTechPlay conference opened to much excitement on Thursday 12 April. Keynote speakers include Year 5 and 6 Ivanhoe Grammar School Digital Leaders who will present Shark-tank style pitches.

Students rarely get the chance to present at adult conferences which is what makes the inclusion of our students so special. It’s such a wonderful opportunity for them and one they will surely never forget. The group of 12 students will discuss getting young people outside and active and how technology can promote this through the likes of Pokémon GO.

In 2016 the first TeachTechPlay conference was held at Ivanhoe Grammar School. Since then this annual conference has surpassed everyone’s expectations seeing the number of participants growing exponentially and the technology themes expanding.

This year we will hear from a range of teachers at the forefront of technology in education through topics such as using apps in the classroom, coding unpacked, student blogging, mindfulness, smartphone filmmaking, creating computer games, cyber safety and coding with drones.

It features three exciting international keynote speakers, including innovative educator Kasey Bell (@ShakeUpLearning), English-born education consultant Tom Barrett (@TomBarrett), and internationally renowned education technology coach Emily MacLean (@MsEmilyMacLean).

It will be a jam-packed two days bringing together some of the most innovative Australian and international thinkers. It’s truly inspiring to see how these education specialists are revolutionising classrooms and using technology to keep students engaged.