Thursday 09 February 2017

Teacher Training Trip to Uganda

The school recently welcomed back Music Teacher and former student at Ivanhoe Grammar School’s Plenty Campus, James Chappel who had been on a life-changing trip to Uganda.

James accepted a Teacher Training Fellowship as part of Limited Resources Teacher Training (LRTT) and travelled to Uganda from January 5th to 25th.

The LRTT work with a number of schools in Bwindi, in south-west Uganda to improve educational outcomes in rural Uganda. The program included teachers from the USA, UK, and Australia who worked with local teachers in order to help make classrooms more engaging for their students.

In Uganda teachers find this very difficult because of enormous class sizes, and heavily limited resources. James listened to his Ugandan colleagues, and provided advice and strategies to help them with their everyday teaching.

At a recent school assembly, James had this to say about his experience, “I went to Uganda because I believe education is the most powerful force for positive change the world has to offer. So much of this world needs assistance and that positive change has to be implemented with sustainability in mind. Good teaching creates learning, and learning at its heart is sustainable growth. I hope, in turn, that you are optimistic, it’s not always in the news but good things are happening every day in this world. I hope you take any opportunity (big or small) to be selfless; they all count. Finally I hope that you are grateful; grateful and proud to be members of Ivanhoe Grammar School. I know I certainly am.”