Thursday 25 June 2015

Sustainability Exhibition

On Thursday 18 June, Year 5 students held a Sustainability Exhibition which focused on environmental issues.

The students were grouped in teams of three or four and chose an environmental issue that they were most passionate about, for example biodiversity, landfill, air pollution, global warming or deforestation. Each group was required to research their chosen topic, set up a sustainability stall and provide information about their topic to the audience.

There were blurs of brightly coloured posters, interactive models (including a wind turbine, a solar powered car and batteries powered by potatoes), videos and excited voices coming from the Forum and Year 5 classrooms.

Teachers, students, parents and staff came to visit and see all the hard work the Year 5s had done. They were passionate, enthusiastic and knowledgeable and worked hard to convince our audience to help make a positive change to help the environment.