Tuesday 26 August 2014

Students with a Zest for A Cappella

A group of Ivanhoe Grammar School students will participate at the Australian University and Schools – A Cappella Awards (AUS-ACA) in September. The competition is the first of its kind in Australia, and sees the best A Cappella groups across Australia go head to head.

Vocal Australia will host the competition and aims to nurture and support the A Cappella singing scene in Australia and events such as the AUS-ACA provide the opportunity to demonstrate the vocal talents of students across the country.

Students from the Plenty Campus make up the vocal group Zest! a strong and spirited ensemble of young women who possess a rich appreciation of vocal harmony. Warm, velvety tones and assured pitch resonate throughout this dynamic ensemble. With a collective and diverse love of musical theatre, jazz, folk, gospel and contemporary music, Zest! are always ready to rise to the harmonic challenges A Cappella music can possess.

Virginia Creed, the Head of Music at Plenty Campus says, ‘Zest demonstrate a unique sense of 'sisterhood' by sharing 'solo slots' across the entire vocal range, and have great maturity and skill level in the ensemble. Harking from a small, yet robust community, Zest! will steal your heart with their purity of voice and expression, and leave you creatively inspired with their unique and stirring three-part harmony vocal arrangements’

Zest! will perform ‘Once Upon a Dream’ from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, 'A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes' from Disney’s Cinderella and a medley featuring music from the 40’s to today.

The A Cappella Awards National Finals will be held on Saturday 6 September at Ormond Hall, Village Melbourne.

Click below to listen to Zest! perform.

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