Monday 01 September 2014

Students Step Back in Time

As a part of the Year 9 Urban History program, students are required to research what life was like in Melbourne at the turn of the century.

In order to give them a better understanding, all phones and electronic devices are confiscated for a few hours while they are transported back in time for an afternoon of knitting, playing board games, card games, Backgammon, Knuckles, Pick Up Sticks, and outdoor activities such as quoits, skipping, jump rope and frolicking at the beach.

In addition to the traditional games and time spent at the beach, selected students were given the rare opportunity to film at Lalor House in Richmond. This historic Melbourne building was erected in 1888 for Dr Joseph Lalor, son of the celebrated Eureka Stockade leader and politician Peter Lalor. The property was designed to incorporate a residence and surgery.

The afternoon was certainly out of the ordinary and the students thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Experiencing life without technology, albeit for a few hours, enabled the students to appreciate the opportunities that are readily accessible to them today.