Thursday 01 December 2016

Students raise funds for OrphFund

On Saturday 26 November four students and two alumni OrphFund volunteers raised $1,756.20 for OrphFund which was a record for volunteering and fundraising!

Together, alumnae Elise Dunstan (’01) and Tia Brullo (’15) were responsible for running the permanent stall located at the Rose Street Artists’ Market in Fitzroy, but most notably, four Year 11 students Meredith Tyler, Jemma Williams, Ellenie Vasilopoulos and Lousia Shah volunteered their time to collectively raise $440.20 by bucket-shaking at the entrance of the Market for the charity.

The students wore their uniform proudly and engaged customers in a courageous and kind manner – the four students were outstanding ambassadors for the School and should be very proud of their result. The funds raised from Saturday’s efforts will pay for solar lighting at the Schools OrphFund support in Uganda to enable students to study at night. The remaining funds will pay for tuition costs for students who attend school in Kenya.

Ivanhoe Grammar School has a long tradition of serving others and community engagement, and it is wonderful to see the number of students volunteering in the community growing. This is a great opportunity to give-back to the community and to assist with fundraising to support educational development projects which aid 3,500 orphans worldwide. Email to sign-up to volunteer your time