Wednesday 18 March 2015

Students inspired at LaTrobe University

Year 9 students like to be challenged by their learning environment and inspired by the world around them. The La Trobe University program exposes students to big ideas from the world of science and explores topics of interest by visiting academics to pose questions and learn about current research projects.

On Tuesday 17 March the students attended back to back interviews with academics including Associate Professor Warwick Grant (Department of Genetics) who discussed the chronic debilitating parasitic condition known as river blindness. The students were enthralled by his discussion and he was even posed one of the best questions he’d been asked.

Professor Nick Hoogenraad, a biochemist and molecular biologist who has made invaluable contributions to science and education inspired the students with his discussions. Professor Hoogenraad drew illustrations to simplify explanations for the students regarding research funding and the process of discovery to pharmacy of Magic Bullets.

Year 9 student Juliet was in awe following his presentation – “I have never heard anyone speak like that before. Nick spoke with such passion about his work and his experiences as the Head of The School of Molecular Sciences. Most importantly, what he said was authentic. As he spoke, he would sketch about what he was explaining which made it clear to understand amongst all the complex language. He aims to inspire the future minds of our world. I was inspired, I loved it. Every minute, could have listened to him for hours.”

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