Monday 05 March 2018

Students help kids get back to School

The Library Leaders group is made up of a keen group of students in years 7 and 8 who meet every Wednesday at lunchtime, in the library, in the Makerspace room. Students, Christian Martinez, Hugh Symons, Erin Battistella, Georgie Paice, Shiva Mirkazemi, Harry Noble and Julia Moorhen were instrumental in raising much needed funds for the Les Twentyman Foundation’s Back-to-School Program.
,, These students cut, stamp, stick, thread and roll all kinds of materials to make beautiful items to sell at special fundraising stalls held at the school. At the Mother’s day and Christmas stalls, the students sold plants in terrariums, candles, lavender bags and handmade cards.
,, Often the Library Leaders work with the school’s Environment group to re-use items. The terrariums were made from empty drink bottles. The students have a strong belief in learning and helping their school and others, and decided to donate to the Les Twentyman Back-to-School Program to help other students on their learning journey. This year, the Back-to-School program was able to support over 520 kids back to school in Melbourne. This was an incredible effort and we congratulate the enterprising students and staff who helped the Les Twentyman Foundation to make this happen.