Wednesday 04 November 2015

Students get a head start on a new academic year

There’s a buzz on campus as Ivanhoe Grammar School secondary students begin their 2016 classes.

The unique Early Commencement Program (ECP) has run for 39 years with students from Years 7 – 11 beginning their 2016 classes in Term 4 of 2015.

This follows a one week changeover period in which final exams and assessments are returned and the 2015 academic year is finalised.

Students receive their 2016 textbooks early and become acquainted with their teachers and classmates. This four week settling in period allows students to gain an understanding of the curriculum requirements for 2016 so that when they come back next year they can hit the ground running.

Principal, Gerard Foley explained that the extra time provided the opportunity for students to complete a full new unit. It creates an atmosphere of excitement about discovering new classes and meeting new friends. “Schools can tend to wind down at this time of year – we are cranking it up. It re-energises and refocuses the students because they’re starting a new academic year.”