Sunday 03 December 2017

State Representation at Buckley House

November was a big month for Buckley House Sporting teams. After going through arduous qualifying campaigns throughout the year, three of our teams made it right through to the State Finals!

Our Years 5/6 Girls Softball, Years 5/6 Boys Volleyball and Years 3/4 Boys Basketball all made it through to the State Finals in November. All teams performed brilliantly winning games in the earlier rounds, before losing in finals stages. The Softball and Volleyball teams placed in the Top 4 and the Basketballers ended up in the Top 10. All amazing results considering at least 3-400 teams start off at District level to reach these events.

Thank you to Mr Coleman our Softball Coach, Mr McInerney our Volleyball Coach and Mr Bill Nagel a parent who was our Basketball coach. These coaches worked hard to not only get their team to the State Finals but also developed fantastic teamwork and spirit. Many of the participants have hailed these tournaments as one of the highlights of their schooling year!