Wednesday 04 March 2015

Stars in their Eyes!

This year, students from the Middle and Senior Years performed ‘Violet’. Fusing gospel, blue grass, Memphis blues and rockabilly music, “Violet” tells of a bus odyssey taken by a young woman to meet a televangelist in the belief he can heal her scarred face with a miracle.

The lead roles of Violet, Flick and Monty were performed by two casts and all four shows were well received with full and appreciative audiences. The cast and crew worked extremely hard on choreography, singing and acting, and as a result the 2015 production was made up of four performances of thrilling musical theatre.

Following the success of The Ridgeway Campus Musical ‘Violet’ a number of our senior students have been offered artistic representation by professional theatre agents. Congratulations to the following students:


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Keely – Year 12,,


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Taylor – Year 12,,


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Ruby – Year 12,,


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Will – Year 11,,


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Scott – Year 10


Each campus presents an annual Musical Production and students from Years 7 to 12 have the opportunity to be involved. This includes roles on stage as well as in the orchestra and backstage with sound, lighting, set construction, makeup and costumes.

All students at the School are encouraged to participate in the Performing Arts program. There is ample opportunity for students to develop their performance skills at both formal and soiree music concerts and drama productions throughout the year. Students can join a range of musical ensembles including choirs, string ensembles, orchestras and jazz ensembles. There are soirees, recitals, drama productions, the Piano and Soloists’ competition, the More Than Words concert for vocalists, the Plenty Campus Performing Arts Concert, a Theatre Production and the whole school Gala Concert held every two years at Hamer Hall. If they choose to do so, students will receive assistance from the agent regarding preparation for theatre, film and television opportunities as they emerge, and will send them onto auditions for these various opportunities. In effect, this kick-starts their careers in this particular pathway and gives them a head-start in the performing arts.

To find out more about our Performing and Creative Arts program, click here