Monday 01 December 2014

St Paul’s Church finds a new home at Plenty Campus

Ivanhoe Grammar School has successfully purchased St Paul’s Church, a disused chapel from the Anglican Diocese of Bendigo, where it will become the Plenty Campus Chapel and act as the centre of the spiritual life of the Campus.

The church was built in 1883 and comes from Mitiamo – 60kms from Bendigo and has all the character that you would expect in such an old building.

In order to prepare the church for delivery, the roof was taken off and transported separately. All the internal pews and pulpit have been preserved and will be installed in the church once the external fabric is repaired at Plenty. All lead light windows were covered and all have remained intact throughout the journey.

The church was transported on an oversized truck and escorted through twelve municipalities with special permission granted for each one. The concrete slab was poured at Plenty Campus in readiness for the Church’s arrival.

The church arrived approximately 2.30am on Wednesday 12 November and was safely placed on the concrete slab, fitting perfectly. The church is now being renovated and as you can see the roof is already beginning to take shape, the internal fixtures and fittings will also be placed back inside.

The church will be ready for the beginning of the School’s Centenary Year 2015.