Tuesday 02 May 2017

Sports Round Up

Our Summer Sports may have technically come to a close, but we’re still celebrating some amazing achievements by Ivanhoe Grammar School students. Here are some recent highlights:

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During the Term 1 school holidays, Year 10 student Tom Salomon competed in the Gymnastics State Team selection trials. From the results of these trials Tom has been selected for the Victorian State Team for Gymnastics. He will be competing in the Open age category in Level 8. At 15, Tom is the youngest member of the 6 man team by 3 years. He will compete on High Bar, Rings, Vault, Floor, Parallel Bars and Pommel. The National Gymnastics Championships will be held in late May at Hisense Arena. This is the fourth time Tom has had the honour of representing his State in Gymnastics and he looks forward to the competition ahead. Congratulations Tom!

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On Wednesday 29 March, students from Ivanhoe Grammar School travelled to Sydney for the Australian Athletics Championships. We had some wonderful results and even broke a few records! Competing on the day were Charly Rouch (U/17 100m and 200m), Alana Mierisch (U/15 High Jump), Chloe Jacobi (U/15 High Jump), Thomas Diamond (U/14 1500m).

Alana’s jump of 1.60m put her in third place and equalled the school record. Thomas Diamond came 8th and his time of 4:33.04 is a new school record!

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Our 2 relay teams went to the State Swim Championships on Wednesday 28 April. It felt strange to be in the pool when most swimming was done and dusted back in March but the kids swam well, both teams (Year 6 Boys and Year 4 girls) swam a 1 second Personal Best, swimming their fastest race for the season at the State Titles. The Year 6 boys came 6th and the Year 4 girls came 5th – they were sitting 3rd all race but in the end were just 1 second away from the Bronze medal!

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Our Captain and Vice-Captain of netball, Georgia Harper and Tee Salanoa, were proud members of the Victorian U/18 Netball Team that has just won the National Championships in Canberra. Both girls played tremendously and were great ambassadors for the school.

Congratulations Georgia and Tee! What an amazing achievement for you both. It was no doubt a really tough competition; bringing Australia’s best young netball players together, not to mention the win.

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Nine Ivanhoe Grammar students travelled to Brisbane to compete in the Australian National Age Swimming Championships.

The students, from five local clubs, had all competed at the AGSV Combined Swimming Sports in the lead-up to the prestigious event that attracts the best age swimmers from around the country.

Chau Huynh, in Year 8 at Plenty, brought home a bronze medal in the girls’ 12-13 year old 100m breaststroke and achieved a top 10 finish in the 200m breaststroke.

Janelle Logan won a silver medal with her medley relay team.

Year 9 student Emil Gardner had two top 5 finishes, while Alice McRobert and Bethany Dalgleish enjoyed top 10 finishes.

Also competing on the day were James Ward, Callum Leech, Adem Ibrahim and Tomas Gembarovski.


Not a day goes by that we don’t hear news of our students reaching new heights with their sporting endeavours. Students Elly and Emily recently played in an International Volleyball Tournament. Year 5 Plenty student Daniel Chelliah was on camp when he received the news that he had been awarded his black belt after 18 months of training. And Year 12 student Christian Ewing has been selected to play in the State team for Indoor Cricket in both the 17 and Under and 21 and Under, in both the Junior and Open competitions.