Sunday 18 March 2018

Sports Report

What a great weekend of sport! Congratulations to all our Summer Sports teams who made it to the finals, and we are thrilled to share that our Girls’ Firsts Volleyball Team and Boys’ Firsts Basketball Team are both 2018 AGSV premiership winners.

In what has turned out to be a very successful summer season of sport, our basketball boys and volleyball girls took out the ultimate prize when they both were crowned Premiers for 2018.

Our Girls’ Volleyball team won the AGSV/APS Premiership Game displaying the terrific form they have shown all season, defeating Peninsula 3 – 0. The team had an outstanding year and reaped the rewards of intensive training under Head Girls’ Coach, Tanya McInerney.

The result of the Boys’ Basketball final came down to the last seconds of the game and had the large crowd of supporters on the edge of their seats. Final score Ivanhoe 46, Marcellin 42. All the players stood up and withstood the challenge and eventually came out on top with an historic victory. This was our first premiership in basketball since 2005 and it was a credit to the boys, our captain, Mackenzie Graham, our Head Coach, Katrina Hibbert and team managers Mr and Mrs Graham.

Our Badminton, Table Tennis, Swimming and Tennis teams had a terrific season and all worked hard to make it to the finals. In the Swimming both our Girls’ and Boys’ teams came runners-up to Mentone Grammar on a great Friday night of swimming, in front of a large Ivanhoe cheer squad.

In Tennis, our team was defeated by PEGS on Saturday, and last weekend Camberwell Grammar proved too strong for our Badminton and Table Tennis teams. Nonetheless, a terrific season by all and we are so proud of how you all played and for making it to the finals.

It’s been a wonderful Summer Season of sport, with many special teams and personal achievements across a number of teams playing at all levels. Well done to all players and coaches for a great season; and thank you to the parents and friends who support the teams and cheer us on every weekend.

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