Thursday 24 March 2016

Special Easter activities at the Library

Students and staff have had a great time decking out the library in Easter decorations and setting up interesting activities totally transforming the library.

The new group of Library Leaders at The Ridgeway Campus Library were excited about Easter and spread the excitement by setting up some special activities for the end of term.

Each day, Mr Bunny and Miss Chick were hidden in mystery places around the school for random students to find and then claim an Easter prize from the Library. Psychedelic egg patterns were mindfully coloured and hung above the Library front desk, whilst a ‘Guess the Number of Jellybeans in the Jar’ competition raised money for “Australian Books for Children in Africa”.

Each day at lunchtime, the Movie, ‘Hop’ was shown to an audience who appreciated munching on popcorn made by the amazing Library Leaders.

To put the finishing touches to the Easter celebrations, the Library Leaders put bunny ears on books that would be great for holiday reading and assembled for a group photo wearing bunny ears themselves. Happy Easter wishes to everyone from the Library.