Thursday 24 September 2015

Snowy River Expedition

The Snowy River Expedition is one of the highlights for parents and students at the School as they head into the wilderness for a few days of camping, rafting and kayaking.

The Snowy River offers paddlers thrilling kayaking and white water rafting opportunities with rugged gorges, rapids, flat sections with sand bars and beautiful scenery.

The group (including students from Years 8 to 11, parents, staff and alumni) departed the School on Friday 18 September and headed to the town of Buchan in the east Gippsland region of Victoria. On the first day the group met at McKillops Bridge, one of the most popular sections of the River, and paddled the 8 km to Little River Junction camping area.

The second day saw the group on the water early with a full day of paddling ahead, floating past amazing features including the Little River Gorge, Campbells Knob and into Ard Gorge with brief glimpses of farm land along the way. Passing through Ard Gorge leads to the famous A Frame rapid and continues on to George’s Mistake and on to Gentle Annie camp site.

On the third and fourth days the paddlers were up and on the water early again as they made their way to Betts Creek Track, New Guinea Track and on to the final destination – Lucas Point. The weary group stopped for lunch, unpacked their gear and prepared for the journey home. After paddling over 70 km, the group enjoyed being back on dry land and the comforts of home…until the next kayak trip!

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