Sunday 14 August 2016

Snow sports update

From Friday 29 July to Sunday 31 July the Alpine team had a two day training and time-trial weekend.

At the Cross Country competition on August 7 all four Ivanhoe skiers, Eliza Grace, Brodie Baranow, Louis Ajani and Tom Hoogenraad, performed really well and had a great time mixing with students from other schools. Brodie and Louis put in a lot of hard work skiing up divisions to make up the Div 1 skate relay team.

Cross Country Results:

Eliza Grace came 16th out of 47 starters in the Div 4 girls’ classic and 12th out of 16 teams as part of a composite team in the Div 4 girls skate relay.

Brodie Baranow came 9th out of 31 starters in the Div 3 boys’ classic

Louis Ajani came 22nd out of 41 starters in the Div 2 boys’ classic

Tom Hoogenraad came 2nd out of 30 starters in the Div 1 boys’ classic

Overall the boys came 4th out of 9 teams in the Div 1 boys skate relay.

These results mean that Cross Country Skier and Year 12 student, Tom Hoogenraad has qualified for the Nationals in the individual distance race and the Div 1 team has qualified for the relay.

The Alpine Ski team is in the final days of preparation before the Victorian Interschool Snowsports Championship which starts on Monday 22 August for junior skiers and Thursday 25 August for the seniors.

The final day training was on Sunday 14 August at Mt Buller, where conditions are the best so far this season – plenty of snow!

Congratulations to all the racers for their excellent efforts throughout the season both in training and racing.