Tuesday 15 March 2016

The Slater/Graham Memorial Hill

At a brief Ceremony on Tuesday 15 March, the Slater/Graham Memorial Hill was officially named by the Principal and the distinctive sign unveiled by members of the Graham and Slater families.

The Slater/Graham Memorial Hill is so named to honour the memory of two long serving staff members Alan Graham and Rob Slater, whose involvement in sport meant many hours were spent on and around the precincts of the South Ground. To further their memory a perpetual Slater/Graham scholarship has also been established through the generosity of many Old Ivanhoe Grammarians who admired them.

Alan Graham was a member of the Class of 1932 and was on staff from 1946 until his death in 1979. He also wrote the School Song in conjunction with another member of staff, John Marshall. Rob Slater was a full time staff member from 1948 until 1988 and coached many premiership teams in a variety of sports during that period.