Thursday 02 June 2016

Shoyokan Visit

This annual visit is always a highlight of the calendar and was eagerly anticipated. It is a wonderful opportunity to strengthen the sister school relationship, increase global awareness and broaden intercultural understanding.

At the Plenty Campus students across many year levels had a wonderful time mixing with the Japanese students and took part in cultural activities such as trying on summer kimonos, playing sports, taking part in kendo demonstrations and attending classes in Science, Maths and English.

Students were shown around The Ridgeway Campus, with a welcome from year 12 student, Kylie Yao. Everyone mixed together in classes and played sport and games. The highlight of the day was a performance of Tanko Bushi, where Ivanhoe students joined Japanese students in dancing in Buckley Hall.

It was wonderful to see the interaction between the students and the visit was a great day for all involved. A large amount of preparation went into the event and this couldn’t have been done with the support of staff. Overall, the Shoyokan visit was a great success and we look forward to their visit again next year.

Japanese and French are offered to students from the Early Learning Centre 4 right up to Year 12. In the primary area the program uses an integrated curriculum model where possible, and cultural topics form an important part of developing tolerance and understanding of others. A Native Speaker Assistant Teacher Program also operates, with a volunteer regularly hosted by the school to work within the Japanese language classes.

The school celebrates the learning of languages by holding a number of events throughout the years such as Language Day and students can enter national language competitions.