Monday 04 June 2018

Shoyokan Visit

On Wednesday 30 May fifty-nine Year 9 Japanese students visited from Shoyokan High School. The Japanese students mingled with Ivanhoe students sharing different cultures and strengthening friendships through interesting and fun activities. It is a wonderful opportunity to increase global awareness and broaden intercultural understanding.

The relationship between Ivanhoe and our Japanese sister school has spanned over 25 years and there have been many visits and student exchanges over the years. There was a lot of laughter on the day and it was evident that in this setting everyone was thoroughly enjoying themselves as they learnt about each other through special demonstrations and unique cultural games.

Year 11 student reflection by Bella Saliba, Christian Ewing, Kiralee Kouvas and Renae Ramlu

Last Wednesday, we had the pleasure of welcoming the Junior High School Students from our Japanese Sister School, Shoyokan to our campus once again. During our welcome assembly, we experienced various cultural displays including Karate and Kendo demonstrations as well as dancing and singing performances from the Japanese Year 9 students.

During the day we facilitated activities such as sports, woodwork, singing and more, in order to teach the Shoyokan students about Australia’s culture.

Year 7 student reflection by Charlotte Bailey

One of the activities involved making a little map of Australia out of wood in the wood tech room. It looked like it was really fun they were all smiling whilst they were doing it. A few of the girls and boys got me to write my name on their map. Overall I had a lot of fun. They also came and did some activities, the group of students that I was with played Frisbee. I really enjoyed it. It was really funny because we had to use only one-handed, your opposite hand, so the Frisbees were going everywhere

Year 7 student reflection by Ekum Sekhon

It was a great experience to be in groups with kids who have Japanese as their first language. I taught them the Australian native animals, then played a memory game on the animals. After that, we drew a pop up shop. It was very interesting to see what ideas the Shoyokan students came up with and I must add, they were spectacular at drawing!