Monday 18 January 2016

Service Trip to Cambodia and Laos

The group of Ivanhoe parents and alumni carried on the School’s commitment to education in Cambodia spending 14 days working with needy communities, offering educational support to teachers and students in Cambodia and Laos.
,, Many families donated items such as used reading glasses, The Ridgeway Campus Library group knitted baby beanies and the Ivanhoe Grammar School IT Department donated laptops.
,, The group delivered the donated goods to the children and community at Komphein village with HUSK Cambodia, also taking part in sustainable building practices using materials such as bottles and rubbish. HUSK work with communities in the Trek and Kompheim villages in Siam Reap to help improve the life of local families running innovative projects to help those in need.
,, Two of the projects that the Ivanhoe group contributed to were the Bottle Buildings and iPak. HUSK has come up with a fantastic project that gives rice to villagers in exchange for plastic bottles that are filled with rubbish and then used to build Eco Blocks that form insulated walls of buildings. The iPak project conducts eye-testing and then matches the donated prescription glasses with local adults and children.
,, Educational support was provided with the Your Own 2 Hands project in Laos. The objective of The Your Own 2 Hands Foundation is to improve education opportunities in Laos and other South East Asian Countries. The Ivanhoe group visited four remote villages in the Luang Prabang Province providing support to teachers. Laptops that were donated by the Ivanhoe Grammar School IT Department were given to the Y02H project.
,, The parent/alumni Group raised $1,500 and these funds helped commence construction of a kitchen/food hall at the Peak Sneng Primary School. Later in the Year a group of Year 10 students will travel here on their service trip.
,, The trip not only gave everyone involved a greater understanding of the needs of local Cambodians and a chance to give back, but also was an opportunity to see first-hand the important work that the School and students have achieved over the past twelve years. A big thank you to all the Ivanhoe families and staff who donated goods.