Friday 31 January 2014

Selby Scientific Foundation Science Grant

For 80 years, H B Selby Australia Pty Ltd supplied scientific instruments, laboratory apparatus and chemicals. In 1980 the Directors of H B Selby Australia recognised the need for a continuing source of funds to help finance education, research and development in science and medicine. The Selby Scientific Foundation was established with contributions from H B Selby Australia Ltd, members of the Selby family and a number of shareholders in the Selby company.

The Selby Scientific Foundation Grant which will be used to purchase science equipment to greatly increase data collection and investigation capacities in the area of environmental chemistry. The equipment will enable the development of new curriculum in the important area of analytical environmental science.

This will enable students to carry out a range of practical spectrometry based activities and the key objective is to inspire potential future scientists through an increased awareness of the processes surrounding data collection in the environment such as environmental analytical chemistry. The equipment will be shared between campuses and will significantly expand the analytical methodologies available to students.

The grant application was submitted by the Head of Science, at The Ridgeway Campus, Carmel Fry, and would not have been possible without the support and guidance of Professor John McKenzie.

The Science Faculties are looking forward to exploring the many uses of the new equipment and the official launch will be announced shortly.