Tuesday 21 November 2017

Science Award Winners

We have recently had some outstanding results by some of our Senior students in science competitions.

Newly graduated students Sid Sriram, Sasha Stratov and Christos Lillis competed in the Titration competition at National level and each received a silver award.

At the Australian Science Olympiads, Year 11 students Jacques Elias, Matthew Kauffman, Yusra Tawfic and Lucy Coulter all received distinction or high distinction awards. These exams are open to Year 11 students but the content is suitable for Year 12 and even university level study.

And in the Australian National Chemistry Quiz, a whopping 17 Ivanhoe students received either a distinction or high distinction.


National Titration Competition

Sid Sriram – Silver Award

Christos Lillis – Silver Award

Sasha Stratov – Silver Award

Australian Science Olympiads

Jacques Elias received a High Distinction for Biology and a distinction for Chemistry

Matthew Kauffman received a distinction in both Chemistry and Physics

Yusra Tawfic received a high distinction in biology

Lucy Coulter has received a distinction in biology

Australian National Chemistry Quiz

Lewis Bamford – High Distinction

Matthew Kaufman – High Distinction

Hugh Marslen – High Distinction

Thomas Perrett – High Distinction

Yusra Tawfic – High Distinction

Andrew Adamo – Distinction

Liam Allen – Distinction

William Cheung – Distinction

Harrison Cumming – Distinction

Jacques Elias – Distinction

Herbert Hu – Distinction

Matthew Saunders – Distinction

Linus Mayes – Distinction

Razmi Saad – Distinction

Yu-Chen Shen – Distinction

Zhongan Tang – Distinction

Thomas Trenery – Distinction

Zoe Vodden – Distinction