Wednesday 11 December 2019

Round Square International Service Project

Each year Round Square runs a Big Build Service Project which is open to senior students from Round Square schools around the World. To ensure that the participating group is genuinely reflective of the cultural and racial diversity of Round Square each school is allowed places for just two students. Year 12 students Toby and Karla are taking part in this once in a lifetime service project.

For many years now Ivanhoe Grammar School has established a strong tradition of supporting these projects, having in recent years had students working in places as far-flung as Sri Lanka, Nepal and Tanzania.  This year’s project, to be run in Malaysian Borneo, is taking place over two weeks in December. We have two students participating in what will be a very important and exciting project and experience.

Tambunan Orphanage cares for and educates approximately seventy-five children who have lost their parents, whose parents cannot care for them or have been abandoned and is run by Catholic nuns and volunteers. The staff accommodation at the orphanage is in dire need of attention as other projects within the orphanage have always been prioritised, so it’s now time to give back to those who dedicate all their energy to care for the children and young people within the orphanage.

Adventure opportunities the group will enjoy include a rainforest hike to the beautiful Mahua waterfall and a day of relaxation on one of the beautiful islands off the North-West coast in Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park. We wish our participants well and look forward to hearing about their experiences on their return.