Wednesday 20 September 2017

Round Square Cluster Conference

What Does Service Look Like?

On Thursday 14 September several of our Year 5 students worked through this question when they participated in the Round Square Cluster Conference at Woodleigh School, Minimbah Campus, in Frankston.

During the conference, senior students lead conversations with younger students around the topic of Service as a ‘partnership for change’. Students met with local partners and also heard from Sean Willmore about The Thin Green Line Foundation and the International Rangers Federation, both established to raise awareness and support the critical (and sometimes dangerous) work of park rangers to protect the world’s wildlife and its fragile ecosystems. Students were moved by his passion for his community and he encouraged them to foster their own.

One of the students, Zac reflected – ‘When I came in I thought service was about going in, doing something and coming out but now I feel like service is doing something that is bigger than yourself…trying to get a larger picture.’ Watch his full interview here.

We look forward to these students leading the way and developing new service initiatives.