Sunday 06 September 2015

Reverend Charles Sligo

It is with deep sadness that Ivanhoe Grammar School announces the passing of The Reverend Charles Sligo, ED, Headmaster of Ivanhoe Grammar School between 1975 and 1995, who died peacefully in the early hours of Saturday morning, 5 September.

Reverend Sligo was Headmaster of the School during a time of unprecedented growth, both in terms of buildings and enrolments. In amongst his many achievements he will be possibly best be remembered for the establishment of the Plenty Campus in 1990, now an integral part of Ivanhoe Grammar School

Despite his declining health, Reverend Sligo, the third Headmaster of Ivanhoe Grammar School, remained committed and vitally interested in the progress of the School and attended a number of the School’s Centenary functions this year, including the launch of the School History and the Staff/Past Staff Cocktail party hosted by the Board of Governors.

The funeral service will be held at Christ Church, South Yarra on Thursday 10 September at 11.00am. The School will have a significant presence, both in terms of Students and Staff at the Service which will be conducted by former Chaplain on the Ivanhoe Campus, The Reverend Brian Porter.
,, The School will hold a Memorial service for the Reverend Charles Sligo on Thursday 29 October at 4.00pm

The Revered Sligo is survived by his wife Betty and children Prue, Graeme and Tim.

Fidelis Usque Ad Mortem

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