Thursday 10 March 2022

Return to the Forbidden Planet

Plenty Campus School Musical Return to the Forbidden Planet.

Inspired by Shakespeare’s The Tempest, this jukebox musical is packed with rock ‘n’ roll classics such as Heard it Through the GrapevineYoung GirlGood Vibrations, and Gloria. Blast off on a routine flight and crash into the planet D’Illyria where a sci-fi version of The Tempest set to rock and roll golden oldies unfolds with glee. The planet is inhabited by a sinister scientist, Dr. Prospero; his delightful daughter Miranda; Ariel, a faithful robot on roller skates; and an uncontrollable monster, the product of Prospero’s Id, whose tentacles penetrate the spacecraft.

PERFORMANCE DATES: Thursday 5 May, Friday 6 May and Saturday 7 May at 7.00pm

VENUE: Plenty Ranges Arts and Convention Centre

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