Wednesday 29 May 2024

Reconciliation Garden

Primary students launched their acknowledgment of National Reconciliation Week by creating a Reconciliation Garden among the native trees of the Plenty Campus primary playground.

The design was provided by Paul Briggs, Yorta Yorta Man, Plenty Campus Curriculum Leader-Mathematics and member of the School’s Reconciliation Committee. In designing the area, Mr Briggs explained that,

‘circles tend to indicate a gathering place, often water holes or campfires, in this case the School. The four strong lines represent people coming into the School from our four campuses, and then, like the rings on a tree, the inner ring is the starting point; as they grow through the School, their community expands until they graduate and become guardians, mentors and elders of our wider community. The idea is that we are all part of the same community, supported and embraced by those that came before us, learning on our own journey to becoming the custodians of our land and our community.’

All primary students helped to construct the garden by placing a stone on the crafted design. Year 4 students were instrumental in spreading the sand, marking the design and will now be caretakers of the space.

Through discussion, students were also encouraged to consider the purpose of the area. They recognise that they have established a space for meeting and reconciliation, a place to resolve conflict, share stories, and listen to one another.

Above all else, we hope this permanent fixture in our playground will assist students in understanding the true meaning of reconciliation, a process of bringing people with differences together to truly understand each other.