Friday 21 August 2015

Professional Development at Ivanhoe

Ivanhoe Grammar School has embraced a whole school approach to Positive Education to promote student wellbeing and learning.

On Monday 17 August all Ivanhoe Grammar School staff participated in a Professional Development day which focused on Mindfulness.

The day was facilitated across Primary and Secondary sectors by Smiling Mind, a web and App-based program developed by a team of psychologists that aims to provide accessible, life long tools based in mindfulness meditation.

The workshop covered:


  • Deeper exploration into key mindfulness and meditation concepts.
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  • The Breath – Why we use the breath in meditation and how and why it plays a major role in stress reduction and the fight/flight response.
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  • The Mind – How and why we train the mind to focus. Techniques to control our minds and our emotions. Neuroplasticity.
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  • The pragmatics of introducing Mindfulness Meditation into the school day on a regular basis. This uses a set of resources developed by Smiling Mind to help teachers set the context and debrief students after a smiling Mind meditation.
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The School engages a range of experts in the wellbeing field and we were fortunate to have Professor Lea Waters present a range of topics at the PD day. The school also welcomed a group of staff from Kambrya College in Berwick, who will be implementing the Positive Psychology approach in their school.

On the whole, the sessions were received very positively and teaching staff will aim to introduce Mindfulness and Mindfulness Meditation into the school day on a regular basis. Students across the School will be learning to practice and utilise mindfulness as a tool to improve concentration, reduce stress and anxiety, and increase self and social awareness.

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