Wednesday 15 April 2020

Product Design and Technology

During the recent holidays, Year 10 student Mason created a remarkable piece of work.

Year 10 students taking Product Design and Technology at Plenty Campus were recently asked by their Teacher Mr Barnett to either repurpose an object or develop a prototype of an idea.

“Repurposing is the process by which an object with one use-value is transformed or redeployed as an object with an alternative use value and a prototype is an early sample, model, or release of a product built to test a concept or process. The difference between the two concepts is quite contrasting,” said Mr Barnett.

Finding himself at home with lots of time to spare during the holidays, due to the ongoing Coronavirus situation, Mason got to work. He repurposed a magnetic light and an old wooden ski to create a very cool ski light which now has pride of place on his bedroom wall.

“I decided to make my ski light by reusing a magnetic light and an old wooden ski. With the ski I sanded it back using 3 different sandpapers (120, 220, 400 grade. They’re in the order of use) after sanding them I gave it 4 coats marine-grade clear oil based paint and sanded it back lightly between coats. I left all the battle scars on it for a bit of character. I then screwed two metal plates into the ski for the light to be attached to, attached a hanging wire to the back of the ski which hangs on some picture hooks on the wall,” explained Mason.

This just shows you how innovative and creative our students are, congratulations Mason!