Wednesday 21 March 2018

Principal’s Breakfast with John Silvester

It was an early start, but well worth it for those who packed into Buckley Hall for our 2018 Principal’s Breakfast. Our special guest for the morning, author, journalist and broadcaster John Silvester (aka Sly of the Underworld) took the audience through the criminal events that have fascinated Melbournians since the early 20th century.

John’s recall of name, dates and events coupled with his ability as a clever storyteller, ensured that those who attended were not only educated in the history of underworld crime in Melbourne but were also thoroughly entertained as well.

Alongside many of the stories, some familiar and some new was the poignant message that if we are to defeat organised crime and eradicate the trafficking of drugs to our children, we as a society must look at suppressing the demand. To achieve this, it requires education from our politicians, parents and schools in the same way we have successfully tackled other significant social issues.

John has 40 years of stories at his disposal and I dare say he only just scratched the surface in his time with us today. However, for those parents, staff, students, alumni and supporters of the school who attended, it was a history lesson, delivered in style.

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