Thursday 27 November 2014

Principal, Mr Rod Fraser announces his retirement

Dear Members of the School Family, Rod Fraser has advised the Chairman and the Board of Governors that he wishes to retire by the endof 2015. In reluctantly accepting this decision we do so with great admiration and appreciation ofRod’s enormous contribution to Ivanhoe Grammar School over the last two decades. Under Rod’s leadership the School has risen from the aftermath of the 1990’s recession to become a very significant educational institution in Australia and beyond. Rod has built on the solid foundations established by his three predecessors and with a number of progressive and innovative initiatives he has brought the School to its current position. The School enjoys an enviable reputation for educational excellence in all facets of its activities. It has a strong international focus which provides students with a wide perspective on the world. Our physical facilities have been continually upgraded to a level which we can all be proud. The School has become fully co-educational across all campuses and this has assisted in developing a family friendly culture. Whilst size is not the most importantmeasure of success, it should be noted that the number of students attending IvanhoeGrammar School has grown to slightly more than 2000. It has been a great privilege to work closely with Rod during much of the last two decades and I look forward to the opportunity to celebrate with you next year, Rod’s great contribution. The Board has formed a sub-committee to oversee the search for our next Principal and it has in turn appointed an Executive Search firm to assist in the process. Rod will be leaving the leadership at a time when the School is enjoying a period of unparalleled success in its history. The change of Principal will herald in a new and exciting period for the School and I look forward in 2015 to sharing with you the outcome of oursearch for a new leader.

Yours sincerely

Peter T Kempen
,, Chairman
,, Board of Governors