Thursday 27 September 2018

Primary Service Project

Primary students get involved in service projects and give back to the community by visiting care homes and fundraising for charities.

As part of the Buckley House Service program, Year 5 students visit an aged care facility, Dowell Court in Ivanhoe East, each fortnight.

Recently our students decided it would be fun to interview some of the residents about what life was like for them when they were at school, what major technologies they had and what they used to do for fun.

The interview questions varied and the answers as well, as some students found it difficult keeping their interviewees on track. As part of their writing sessions, the students reformatted their interview into some very entertaining newspaper articles.

Students then got the opportunity to visit Dowell Court and present their interviews all printed and laminated for each person to keep.

The residents were thrilled and the Year 5 students were pretty pleased to have their creative writing received so warmly. All of the students enjoyed getting to know their friends at Dowell Court.