Thursday 27 February 2020

Primary Leaders Induction

The Primary Leaders Induction Assembly at Plenty Campus was held on Friday 21 February in the Founders’ Centre. Leadership plays an important role at the School and opportunities exist for students in the Primary, Middle and Senior Years.

Student Reflections

Year 6 student Saif 

I found the induction assembly very formal and superb, I was feeling very prized at the start and end of the induction assembly because I remembered what I had to do to get to this role today. The induction assembly was very formal which was different from other assemblies. My favourite part was getting to greet the other parents in the end. This will be a moment that I will remember later on in life, it’s a big moment to get a badge.

Year 6 student Grace 

When I was sitting in my chair I was so nervous that I could feel my knees were shaking. While on stage receiving my badge Mr Foley asked me what my favourite sport is and all of my nervous energy disappeared.

Year 6 student Mia 

I felt important when I got on stage to collect my badge.  I enjoyed the fact that we could stay back to eat muffins.  I was happy to see my mum in the crowd cheering me on.

Congratulations and good luck to all of our new 2020 leaders we look forward to seeing you grow in your roles. We are very proud of you all.