Tuesday 21 July 2015

Primary Cross Country

The State Cross Country Championships culminated another long season of preparation for many of the Primary students at the School.

Every child in Years 3-6 began their Cross Country preparation at the beginning of Term 2 and all the students put in 100% preparing for the House Cross Country events, training up to four times a week during Physical Education as well as with their class room teacher.

The Top 10 placegetters in each age group made it to the Ivanhoe District Championships. The School’s team of sixty ran extremely well and twelve students finished in the Top 10 (in events with at least 100 participants) and qualifying for the Banyule Division Championships.

At the State Championships the School was represented by Noah and Zoe, who ran their hearts out in the hilly and muddy 3km event against a field of 100 of the top competitors in Victoria. Year 5 student Noah produced a personal best time of 11 minutes and came in 75th (only 1 minute behind the winner) a fantastic effort for such a young runner. Year 6 student Zoe is following in the footsteps of her sister Amy, finishing in fifth place and will now be part of the State Squad for her age group. Zoe will compete in the Senior AGSV Cross Country event at Yarra Valley Grammar School on Tuesday 21 July.

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