Friday 14 October 2016

Prestigious Queen’s Scout Award

Year 12 students, Jack Murphy, Cameron Elliot and Harry Wright were recently awarded Queen’s Scout Awards, the highest youth award in the Scouts across the globe. The Award provides opportunities for personal development and is about challenging yourself to do your best at your level in your way.

The current requirements focus on personal development and typically involve achieving challenges from several areas such as community involvement, adventurous activities, personal growth and leadership development.

All three boys have been involved in the Scouts for many years which has provided them with discipline, motivation, maturity and kindness to help other people. The number of hours it took to complete the award was in excess of 300 hours.

“Scouts, though perceived as tying knots to many teenagers, is much more. It delivers so many opportunities to travel and experience what is to come for life after school and outside the home.” Cameron said.

The Award scheme is designed for Venturer Scouts and made up of four main areas, Leadership Development, Personal Growth, Outdoor Activities’ and Community Involvement.

Each year only a handful of Venturer Scouts achieve this prestigious award, which is presented by the Governor ay Government House. It’s a true honour that three Ivanhoe students are recipients of the Award this year and this wonderful recognition of all three student’s hard work is very well-deserved. The School congratulates Jack, Cameron and Harry on the Queen’s Scout Award.